Tom Noir (tomnoir) wrote in audiosurfers,
Tom Noir

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OK, so I mainly just wanted to have an area where us Players Of Teh Game could compare notes on what songs worked well with the game.

I am here to report that, sadly, Radiohead's Jigsaw Falling Into Place is not that amazing, although I did rack up a massive high score* on it first try. Also, it features a full on upside-down loop. Crazy!

Head Automatic's Beating Heart Baby is pretty awesome. The chorus is a full-speed superhighway of sound. Alas, that one kicks my butt and I have so far been unable to ghost it.

Which songs roxor your soxors?

* tragically knocking 'UnibrwShavr' out of the top spot.
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The hard part for me on Beating Heart Baby was getting the clean finish. I can stealth just fine, it's that last colored block that gets me.
If you send me that Radiohead song, I can upload it for sharing.